East Ruston Cottages: A Truly Dog-Friendly Holiday Cottage Agency

Have you ever yearned for a holiday retreat that welcomes your beloved dogs just as warmly as it welcomes you? Enter East Ruston Cottages, a holiday cottage agency with a genuine difference: it caters to the needs of canine companions as much as their owners. This company came about from personal experience, understanding the struggle pet owners face when searching for a genuinely dog-friendly holiday.

Sue, the founder of East Ruston Cottages, a dog owner herself, had experienced the difficulties of finding a holiday destination that doesn’t just tolerate dogs, but welcomes them. Sue felt the frustration of hidden charges for pets, the worry of insufficiently fenced gardens, and the disappointment of properties that restricted dogs from lounging on the sofas or entering certain areas. The struggle led her to create East Ruston Cottages, aiming to deliver what dog lovers really WANT in a holiday: a genuinely pet-friendly environment.

When you book with East Ruston Cottages, you can leave your worries behind. You won’t face an additional charge for your dogs, nor will you need to navigate a long list of restrictions and rules. Instead, you’ll discover extras designed to make both you and your dog feel at home.

East Ruston Cottages extends its pet-friendly policy to the max, featuring cottages that welcome an unlimited number of dogs. Recognising that some dogs, like their owners, might have special requirements, they offer properties specifically suitable for reactive dogs and single-storey properties for those with mobility issues. They understand the needs of dogs and their owners, aiming to match you with the perfect property for your needs.

What truly sets East Ruston Cottages apart is their team, made up of dedicated dog lovers. Each team member owns and adores dogs – and so do most of their property owners! With over 50 dogs between them, they live and breathe the dog-friendly ethos that the company is founded on. Their passion for providing genuinely dog-friendly accommodation shines through in their customer service and their properties.

East Ruston Cottages takes pride in offering a relaxed and welcoming environment for you and your dog. They understand the unique needs of dogs, particularly reactive ones, and offer advice on the quietest places to walk.

So why compromise on your next holiday? Choose East Ruston Dogs Welcome Cottages and experience a holiday that values and caters to your four-legged family members just as much as you. Finally, enjoy a holiday where your dogs are not merely tolerated, but welcomed and loved just as they should be.