Beeches Farmhouse, Pawsome Dogs welcome cottages + ensuite rooms, Bradford on Avon, near Bath.

For those passionate about dog-friendly accommodation, Beeches Farmhouse offers the quintessential English countryside experience. Nestled near to the historic town of Bradford on Avon, near Bath, it promises a blend of rustic charm and modern comfort for both two-legged and four-legged guests.

Countryside Bliss

Beeches Farmhouse is a haven for travelers who love a mix of history, nature, and traditional British architecture. The property features three idyllic two-bedroom country cottages, with two designed specifically for dog lovers. For larger groups or families traveling with pets, two of these cottages can be interconnected, offering the luxury of space and privacy.

In addition, Beeches Farmhouse offer five ensuite rooms, four of which are set in the beautifully converted farm buildings, and yes, they welcome your furry friend too. Every accommodation at Beeches is thoughtfully designed to offer a relaxing atmosphere, ensuring your stay is nothing short of memorable.

Canine Comforts

While Pig Wig Cottage and The Farmhouse Room are reserved for non-canine guests, the rest of the estate warmly welcomes well-mannered pooches. If your furry companion is over six months, house-trained, and isn’t the yappy type, Beeches Farmhouse would be delighted to host them. For a comprehensive list of guidelines, click here. Additional charges may apply.

A Retreat With A Tail Wagging Experience

Beyond the comfortable accommodations, Beeches Farmhouse boasts three sprawling grassed fields, the perfect place for your dog to experience freedom, chasing, and playing.

Fancy a pint? The George at Woolley boasts a dog-friendly bar and is just a pleasant 15-minute walk away through the scenic fields.

And, a friendly heads-up: You might be greeted by two cordial English Setter sisters who reside at Beeches Farmhouse. They love making new friends, but they’re also known for their sneaky love for food. So, be cautious with your picnic baskets!

Book Your Stay!

A trip to the dog friendly accommodation at Beeches Farmhouse promises a tranquil retreat where time slows down, and nature’s melodies take over. The charm of the English countryside, combined with the thoughtful canine-friendly amenities, makes it a destination like no other. So, pack your bags, and perhaps a tennis ball or two, and let Beeches Farmhouse be your next unforgettable adventure.